Refresher Driving Lessons

Can I Specify What I’d Like To Cover on my Refresher Lesson?

Your refresher driving lessons will be catered to your needs. Our instructors know that there are several reasons drivers of all ages come to us for refresher lessons, which is why they listen to your requirements and tailor your refresher course accordingly.

Will The Course Include Night-Time Or Motorway Driving Lessons?

Yes, if that’s what you need. In fact, there are many areas of driving that you can cover during your refresher lessons, here are just a few:

  • Roundabouts
  • Parking (reverse manoeuvre)
  • Traffic signs
  • Speed awareness
  • Confidence
  • Switching to an automatic vehicle

How Long is a Driving Refresher Course?

That’s entirely down to you.  You can book just one hour and then if you feel you would like some more just speak to the instructor and they will book you in for more.  If it’s a motorway course you will need to book a 3 hour lesson to be able to reach the M25 and get a chance to drive on it for a while.

Specialist Driving Lessons Prices




Perfect if you’ve not driven for a while or want to improve your skills.

Dual Carriageway



Increase your confidence on busy fast roads like the A12 and A14.




Experience driving on busy fast roads like the M25 and M11